Lynn Musson

Lynn Musson

Lynn used to enjoy photography as a favourite hobby.  she would look at things around her, through an imaginary viewfinder.  Now she looks at the different shapes and colours of objects, to varying landscapes as a potential painting.

Also, Lynn used to be a strained glass artist, creating custom pieces for people.

You can contact Lynn here: 250-707-9700

Having done the occasional oil painting over the years, Lynn now paints in acrylics.  She enjoys painting landscapes, especially the Okanagan, impressionist and abstract painting.  And now, with each painting she learns new things like the use of different mediums or different techniques.  Lynn has learned that painting is a continuous learning activity.  

Painting provides her with a sense of focus as well as relaxation.  and upon completion, a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. 

To see a bigger version of the painting, and to get the details associated with the painting, simply click on any painting below and a larger, more detailed version will pop up!