Louise McIntosh

Louise McIntosh

Artist Bio:

Louise was born and raised in Aylmer, Quebec.  She moved to the Okanagan in 2008 and started painting in 2016 after retiring from a 30-year career as a Registered Nurse and nursing Lecturer at UBC Okanagan.  Louise is active in other areas, including volunteering at the Peachland Art Gallery.  She is also a member of a three-woman abstract art painting group called Troika. In addition to painting, Louise enjoys reading, gardening, traveling and playing Mahjong.

Artist’s Statement

I am an amateur artist and enjoy painting impressionistic landscapes and flowers in acrylic and experimenting with other styles and subjects.  I consider myself a perpetual beginner but I have learned new techniques and improved while learning to see colours and shapes in nature.  I am never in a rush to complete a painting and I can sometimes take months to complete a piece.  I believe that painting is about enjoying oneself and engaging in something that inspires looking at the world through different eyes.  I am learning  to look deeper into landscapes and objects for shadows, contrasts, colours and highlights with an eye for future paintings. 

“If you love what you do, you can’t fail.  Your personal creativity and personality will shine through your art as you travel the road to self-discovery.”

~ Louise McIntosh 2019.